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PawPost Issue 2

Winter is coming (dun dun dun)
With winter well and truely hitting most states across the country with full force this week we want to share a few tips for keeping your pets happy and healthy through the big chill
1. Baby It's Cold Outside
For those of us that are not able to have our pets inside with us what can we do to make our pets extra comfortable outside during winter? Proper outdoor housing is a must. There are fantastic ranges of kennels for dogs and enclosures for cats that offer water, rain, frost and wind protection. Make sure the housing is placed away from the seasonal elements in a position where they feel secure and cosy. Whether inside or outside make sure your pets bedding is raised off the floor and away from cold drafts including the door ways of kennels. Provide your pet with a warm place to sleep and rest utilising thicker bedding, warm jackets and even microwavable heat pillows if necessary.
No one wants an icicle for a pet -- they’re simply not that cuddly.
2. NomNomNom
Because it takes more energy to stay warm when it's cold, outdoor animals eat more during the winter. Indoor animals, meanwhile, have different dietary needs. They conserve energy by sleeping more in the winter. You may need to adjust the amount of food accordingly. After all, no one wants an overweight or gaunt looking pet.
Likewise, fresh, running water is vital for maintaining your pet's health. Keep an eye on the water bowls and make sure they haven’t turned into little skating rinks for fleas (boo, fleas!).
3. You Better Work
There's nothing like getting your heart rate up to get rid of the winter blues. Rug up with special booties, hats and coats and head out for your pet's favourite activity. Not only will your dog love you for it, you'll be feeling fantastic in no time too.
4. Hide & Seek
Cars are particularly attractive to animals in the winter-time, especially frigid cats that love to climb up under the hood and curl up on the warm motor. This, as you can imagine, has led to many mishaps when motorists start their car … ouch! Avoid such accidents by tapping your car's hood before starting the vehicle. Sure, you may wake Kitty from her deep slumber, but she'll thank you in the long run.
5. I Throw My Hair Back & Forth
Don’t forget your pet still needs to be groomed during the winter months. Many pet parents leave their dogs and cats coats to grow long over winter in an attempt to keep them warm but this can lead to some skin problems, matting and long hours of brushing and trying to get those knots out. Ensure that your pet is comfortable and continue to get them clipped to a manageable length.
6. Back In My Day
Our senior pets need a bit of extra loving in winter. If your pet is struggling to get out of bed then it could be a sign of arthritis or an age related disease. Often these problems are provoked by cold weather and we recommend 6 monthly check-ups particularly if your pet is showing signs of ageing. Try placing a hot water bottle (with warm not hot water) into your pet's kennel. This will soon make a comfortable place to rest. A caution for pets who love to chew, only use warm water and if you have any doubts there are other options such as heating discs and pads. Supplements such as fish oil can also help relive aches and pains in joints but please check with your vet before starting your pet on any supplements.
Wrap It Up
  • Create a warm haven where your older pet can curl up and avoid draughty areas.

  • Elevate their bed up off the cold floor. Particularly concrete and hard surfaces.

  • Provide thick warm bedding and use heating products where possible.

  • Maintain your pet's joint mobility by providing regular exercise (20 minute daily walks on level ground)

  • If you believe your pet is in pain please seek veterinary advice. Advancements in veterinary medicine make treatment for the ailments of age related disease possible.

Sneak Peak June Box - Pub Grub

mmmm parma, Its the words heard while waiting in line to order at pubs across our great land. What could be better than chicken covered in cheese? Is a roast dinner yor go to meal? Everydog who recieves the June PetPacks box will be treated to either some delicious Chicken parma biscuits or some scrumptous Roast beef & vegetable biscuits.

Special Occassion? Celebrate With A PetPacks Specialty Boxes

Whether it's your pets birthday, the anniversary of you welcoming them to the family, or a gift just because you love them we have the perfect box for any occassion. Check out the options on our Specialty Boxes tab. All boxes come in 3 price ranges to accomodate all budgets. Got an idea for a special type of box we should create? Let us know using our contact page.

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