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PawPost Issue 4

Are you giving a good first impression?

If you are anything like us your first instinct when seeing a dog is to run towards them, arms open, ready to embrace like a slow motion scene in a romantic film. Even the friendliest dogs can be anxious and afraid in this situation. Below are some tips to keep you safe and the dog you want to become best friends with calm.

No Running

Imagine this, you are going for a nice leisurely walk, your taking in the sights around you, just generally having a good time, you see someone up ahead of you, its someone you dont know, they spot you and start running towards you squealing in a high pitched voice. Pretty scary scenario right? Now imagine the same scene but you dont see the person and all you hear are footsteps running up behind you. Doubly scary huh? If you wouldnt like it then chances are a dog wont either (and neither will their owner). Always approach a dog in a calm manner, this is especially important for children as they are the ones most prone to dog bites.

Ask First

Always ask the owner if it’s ok to meet their fur child. Try to do this quietly from a distance. If the owner approves, let THEM approach YOU and do NOT look at the dog. The dog needs to smell you first, that’s how a dog meets & greets. While the dog is meeting you, you can introduce yourself to the owner and find out a bit about the dog, age, breed, etc. Don’t make any sudden movements, keep your voice calm and wait for the signal from the owner that it’s ok for you to pet the dog.

The Right Body Language

When the owner has given you permission to engage with the dog make sure you are doing so in a non threatening manner. Dog's see direct eye contact as a form of aggression. They can also view you leaning over them as a threat. Squat down so that you are on the same level as the dog to make them feel more comfortable, but remember to keep avoiding direct eye contact.

Heavy Petting

Do not try to pet the dog from above the head. That is often seen as a threatening gesture and can trigger an aggressive reaction. Instead, approach from below the dog’s head and scratch his chest or chin. Don’t get carried away with petting the dog either. Pet for a few times, and then stop. Wait and see how the dog responds. If they moves away from you, it means, you’re done here. Your services are no longer needed; thank you very much. However, if they moves closer to you after you’ve stopped, it means you can carry on petting.

Keeping to these few simple rules will help the dog feel calmer, the owner be open to letting you meet the dog, and keep you safe.

Cute Video of the Month - Kittens meet puppies for the first time

Sneak Peak August Box - Sweet Potato Treats

We have all heard of Meat-free Mondays but have you ever thought about meat-free treats for your dog. This month we are doing our bit for the environment (and your dog's taste buds) and all August petscription boxes will include a delicious treat made from sweet potato. Your box will contain either some sweet potato biscuits, sweet potato jerky, or a sweet potato ear.

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