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Mud! The freshly washed dog’s best friend. With winter on the way & cities around Australia already experiencing an abundance of rain we are in for a lot of mud. These grooming wipes are a handy alternative to a full on bath. Use them after a walk to clean off muddy paws, or in between washes to freshen up your dog’s coat.

10 pack of wipes.

Helps to keep your pet's coat clean, fresh and smelling great

Specially designed fabric wipes helps trap dirt and loose hairs

Ultra hygienic with anti-bacterial action

Regularly grooming your dog's coat helps to keep it in good condition and smelling fresh and clean. Petface Dog Grooming wipes are ideal for use between bathing to quickly refresh your pet's coat and contains Byotrol which helps to neutralise odours while the specially designed fabric wipe is outstanding at removing dirt and loose hair.

Available for Dogs & Cats

PetFace Grooming Wipes

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