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This tough little Aussie crustacean has been stuffed with a recycled water bottle for fun, crunchy sounds then wrapped with natural wool that has been coloured with vegetable dye. A great non-toxic, natural,  strong and eco friendly chew toy of your best friend to enjoy. 


*Made from strong and durable braided  natural wool. 

*Built in recycled water bottle creates excitement when chewed

*Coloured with natural vegetable dye

* 100% non toxic


Pam measures 25cms long x 10cms wide


A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this product is donated to various Australian native animal charities that are doing their bit to protect our precious animal habitats.


PLEASE NOTE: These little guys are tough and can withstand even the toughest chewers but we try not to encourage dogs to chew on our native animals so please act responsibly by keeping dog's inside at night and on a tight leash when in national parks and other areas where wildlife can be found.

Outback Tails Toy - Pam the Prawn

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