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Brushing your dog’s teeth is not how you want to spend your afternoon, so why not spare the time and try dental stick instead! Help prevent your pooch from developing nasty oral diseases such as periodontal disease, gum disease and classic cases of doggy breath! Gum disease can become more and more prevalent if a good dental routine is not initiated, so help your pup out and give this dental range a go today!


These delicious sticks are infused with veggies making the taste irresistible for your pooch. With unique shapes for each flavour, these dental sticks are proven to help clean between teeth and the gum line, providing a convenient way for you to clean your dog’s teeth. Helping to eradicate bad breath and tartar build up. They are 100% Australian Made with 100% Australian Ingredients.  


You know what they say, a dental stick a day helps keep the doggy dentist away!


Sticks are approx 12.5 cm in length.

Doggy Dental Sticks

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